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  • The Z-IUI Catheter is a 5Fr. IUI catheter made out of clear polyethylene
  • 17cm in length.
  • With an OD of 1.66mm and an ID of 0.65mm
  • a 5cm distal segment with double side eyes and a rounded tip
  • insures a very smooth entry through the cervix with minimal disturbance to the endometrial stroma

Z-IUI Catheter (Box of 10)

وحدة SKU: ZAV-IUI(L)
مستثناة ضريبة
  • This is accomplished with 11cm of marked catheter shaft with 7Fr. in diameter for superior and secure handling. (Syringe not included.)

    A proximal Luer lock allows for proper connection with a syringe. The Z-IUI catheter allows for the sperm to bypass the cervix so that an increased number of high quality sperm can reach the uterine cavity and the fallopian tubes. 

    Features and Specifications

    • Soft inner catheter with Double Side Eyes and Rounded Tip
    • Super smooth entry to the endometrial stroma
    • Outer shaft is marked in 1cm segments
    • Standard Luer Lock
    • Length: 17cm
    • OD: 2.3mm Shaft (13cm length); 1.66mm Distal (5cm length)
    • ID: 0.65mm

    Indications for use of the Z- IUI catheter

    • Intrauterine insemination

    Contraindications for use of the Z-IUI catheter

    • Not intended for IVF, GIFT or other intra fallopian tube procedures.
    • Should not be used in the presence of cervical infection.
    • Should not be used in the presence of or after recent pelvic inflammatory disease.


    • Always use washed spermatozoa when performing intrauterine artificial insemination, or intracervical artificial insemination.
    • The introduction of unwashed spermatozoa into the uterus will almost always result in severe adverse reactions, which may include anaphylactic shock.
    • Please refer to the SpermPrep™ and ZSC II methods shown in this catalog for preparing spermatozoa for intrauterine insemination before performing this procedure

    Available in Pack of 10 only.

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