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  • The Swim-Up Pak is a simple, self-contained system for the recovery of high quality progressively motile sperm from semen.
  • 10 SUP's only. No cath in this group

Swim-Up Pak (10 SUP) NO IUI Catheters

مستثناة ضريبة
  • Swim-Up Pak (SUP) without IUI catheters

    The Swim-Up Pak (SUP) is a simple, self-contained system for the recovery of high quality progressively motile sperm from semen. Unlike other conventional sperm preparation methods, the SUP technology is fast, inexpensive and simple one-step standardized method. 

    The Swim-Up Pak (SUP) washes and simultaneously selects the spermatozoa, thus eliminating the need for the tedious steps of sperm processing techniques, including dilution and centrifugation.  This product is the answer for the physician who wishes to establish a self-sufficient practice and eliminate the need for outside laboratory assistance for semen preparation. It is simple, efficient and inexpensive.


    The Unique Configuration of the Swim-Up Pak (SUP) Technology 

    The Swim-Up Pak (SUP) column maximizes and combines the "swim-up/swim-down" phenomenon, yielding a greater number of high-quality, morphologically normal, motile spermatozoa. Because the semen specimen is safely protected within the one-of-a-kind conical cavity inside the SUP column prior to the addition of media, the risks of "mixing" the media with the specimen are eliminated. Thus, the possible contamination of the media that contains the healthy spermatozoa is totally reduced. 

    Following the placement of the seminal specimen into the SUP conical cavity, media is placed (1.0 mL volume) around and over the cone. During the incubation period (15 minutes to one hour, depending upon the procedure to be performed), the most motile and morphologically normal sperm "swim-up" and out of the cone, and subsequently "swim-down" into the media surrounding the cone. This process not only separates the most motile sperm from the seminal plasma, but also washes the sperm, thus eliminating the need for timely centrifugation procedures. 


    The Principle Behind the SUP Technology 

    The principle behind the SUP technology is the unique geometric configuration of the columns, which includes the conical cavity inside the SUP. Furthermore, when the Swim-Up Pak (SUP) is used in conjunction with the SpermPrep Medium (a HEPES buffered, HAMS F-10 formulation), maximal retrieval (up to 100%) of morphologically normal, highly motile sperm can be expected.  Comparatively, in conventional swim-up methods, only a portion of media containing viable sperm is retrievable and could allow contamination of the inseminate, due to differences in the techniques.

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