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  • The procedure we use is the sedimentation method.
  • This procedure is similarly used for both the male and female selection
  • Takes approximately 2hrs to process.

Gender Selection

مستثناة ضريبة
  • The gender selection is a convenient and simple way to "up the odds" of having a baby of the desired gender (boy or girl). The procedure is rather simple and straight forward: You may place your order at any time prior to the procedure. Once you place your order, it will be necessary for you to physically come to our facilities where our technicians under the direction of Professor Zavos, will sort the male and/or female sperms and make them available to you where under the medical guidance and attendance of one of our referring OB/GYN-infertility specialists will perform the placement of the sorted sperm sample into you via intrauterine artificial insemination (IUI).


    The process of gender selection via sperm selection increases the chance of having a female or male child, by separating sperm that bear the X chromosome (female) and those that have the Y chromosome (male), and inseminating with whichever sample is desired. The procedure can be employed for couples who want a child of a specific gender. This process is otherwise known as family balancing. You may inquire further by contacting us via email to: or calling our offices at: 859-278-6806 in the USA.


    Your visit to us should not be longer than one to two days and yes, you can begin to monitor your ovulation at your home and only be here on the day of your ovulation. You may use traditional ovulation prediction kits available in the pharmacy stores today but If you see the need, you may have your doctor at your location predict your ovulation and instruct you when you need to be here for the procedure. Our patients come to us from all over the World.


    Our success rate is approximately 85% for the male selection and 75% for the female selection but this is not a guaranteed procedure. Gender selection does not damage or alter the sperm in any way, therefore, it will not affect the chances for any abnormalities to the fetus or the establishment of the pregnancy.

    Gender Selection is done in-office only! 
    181 Southland Dr 
    Lexington Ky 40503

  • Due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  We are not accepting returns nor processing refunds until further notice.  Be safe and we will get thru this together.  Contact us if you have any questions.

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